A Kick Up The 80s / Naughty In The 90s
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The Formats for both Nights are both structured the same Which include

DJ Playing The most memorable tracks of that Decade

Soraya doing up to 2 x 45 minute Sets of the 80s
Soraya doing up to 2 x 45 Minutes Sets of commercial hits and Dance Anthems of The 90s
Full Extensive Sound Lighting and Visual Equipment With Props From The Era
DJ Will also feature Hit Gameshows Family Fortunes (Quiz)and Play your cards Right
Also Radio 1 Roadshow Favourite "Bits & Pieces"

Family Fortunes....
10 Questions will be asked that was surveyed by 100 members of the public.
The Audience each will have an answer sheet in which they have to guess the most popular answer.
Top answer worth 10 points 2nd 6 point 3rd 4points 4th most popular 2 points.whoever gets the most points out of 100 is the winner.

Play Your Cards Right
Raffle Tickets are given or sold to whomever plays..(Client Discretion)
The Board Is Loaded with 7 Cards. Pick a raffle ticket and the winner has to guess higher or lower. If they guess the lot correctly they win... if it's lost on 7 we take a card off and pick anther raffle ticket. The next person starts with 6 ... then 5 and so on. This game comes with all original soundbites and jingles from the show and many more !

Bits And Pieces
Made famous by the Radio 1 Roadshow in the 80s and 90s...
Each person gets a quiz sheet and they have to correctly name the artist that made that record. A sample bits and pieces is attached..all number 1 hits of the 80s but will be catered and produced to the night

The DJ boasts having every UK top 40 hit from both eras
and has 30 years dJ'ing experience here and abroad
TV and film themes from each era will be played
TV ADVERTS from each era will be played on audio/visual Projectors and screens

*according to budget performers from the era can be added