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The World's leading Past Life Regressionist

Past Life Regression is a technique that uses a form similar to hypnosis to recover what many believe are memories of past lives. Tony Rae, is the world's leading Past Life Regressionist and Chairman of The British Council of professional Hypnotists since 1995.

Tony's speciality Past Life Regression is available for a wide range of Live events including evening entertainment in theatres, corporate events and cruises or as a memorable after dinner speaker.

Tony is also available for workshops to discover past lives or to overcome Phobias, Fears, Sleep Disorders & Stress Reduction to name but a few.

Past Life Regression is a fascinating topic and Tony has featured as a guest on over 40 Radio Shows and numerous BBC, ITV and international TV shows including Richard & Judy.

Following a two year training course in Hypnosis Tony Rae spent five years improving his technique by working with groups. He became in demand as an unusual after dinner and motivational speaker for clients as diverse as the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, and Manchester United Football Club chairman’s dinner.

In 1995 he was appointed chairman of the British Council of Professional Hypnotists taking over from Paul Mc Kenna.

Tony Rae developed the Hypno-Fun Show originally for corporate clients. The unique feature being that he wrote the shows to include the company’s product or service. This proved highly successful at events at The Dorchester, Grosvenor House, and The London Hilton Hotel.

His many clients include Coca-Cola, Faberge, Ford Motor Co., Highland Spring Water, Autoglass, Marks & Spencer, Microsoft, National Savings, Panasonic, Price Waterhouse, B.T., Touché Ross, T.S.B., Tesco.

Tony has done summer seasons in Blackpool, Bridlington, Scarborough (2200 seat Theatre), Skegness, and Weymouth. Abroad in Corfu, Cyprus, Spain, Turkey, Ibiza, and Menorca. Working with major holiday companies like Thomas Cook, Cosmos, First Choice, Thomson, and in the U.K. for Butlins, Haven, and Warners.

He has appeared on 11 T/V shows in Britain for BBC1, ITV1, Channel 4, Channel 5, Sky Living, and one In Japan watched by over 18:5 million people. Other media interest includes over 40 Radio Stations, National Press, and Magazines.

Also available as:

with TONY RAE B.C.P.H. Chairman and
This fast moving and hilariously funny comedy hypnosis show runs for up to 2 Hours (including interval), and is suitable for Theatres, Corporate clients, Universities, and Holiday Parks.

The show is constantly updated to reflect the current trends. With the latest version including Zombie Wild Adventures as hypnotised subjects believe they are Vampires and go on the rampage. For Theatres mainly the show also features “Charlie” the 3ft 6ins high golden Hypno-Chicken (vent doll).

All Hypno-Fun shows are suitable for family audiences and will include a selection of classic favourites such as a Milking the cows by hand competition, Driving a Formula One racing car, The X-Ray Glasses, Worlds Greatest Tribute Acts, A Holiday You Will Never Forget, A Night at the movies, Lose the Number 7, Where Has My Fairy Gone?, A Trip To The Artic Circle, Who Made That Smell?, The Talking Shoe, Disco Diva, I’m a Celebrity, What’s my Name ! Etc. Etc.

What makes The Hypno-Fun Show unique is that corporate clients can have their product or service written in to the show. As an example take Cosmos who wanted to keep their name in front of travel agents, with a tour of shows at airports across the UK.

Cosmos:- A number of the chosen subjects both on stage and back in their seats in the audience are given the instruction that every time Tony says the word Cosmos they will stand up, wave their arms in the air, and shout as loud as they can ”BOOK EARLY FOR THE SUMMER”. Every time they do this they will shout louder and louder. This brand reinforcement takes place 8 to 10 times per show. At the end of the show Tony invites the whole audience to become hypnotists as they take control by saying Cosmos as many times as they like, and watching the response for their colleagues.

Most products or slogans can be written in to the show with amazing results, and an increase in brand awareness.

You are in safe hands with Tony Rae the Chairman of the British Council of Professional Hypnotists. He has over 30 years experience and has appeared on 12 TV shows in the U.K. and also in Japan.