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SQP Live Ltd was formed in 2006 by the business principal Simon Quarmby FEAA.

With a remit to provide a first class product to an international network of clients as well as finding the best national and international stages for the company talent to perform on.

Leaders in the market of being able to source ‘something different’ without compromising quality and who’s personnel have a ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to client requirements.

Over the years the business has evolved from being simply a supply agency to now include devising & managing full scale events, brand development, act management and bespoke solutions to the entertainment industry at both national and international levels.

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Who Is The Business Principle?

With a background in the entertainment business stretching back to 1984, Simon Quarmby was dragged ‘kicking and screaming’ into the family business straight from leaving school where he went on to learn about business administration (pre computer’s) and all its’ requirements, how to network with fellow agency managers and owners, artiste management and development and not forgetting dealing with the customer!

Along the way, Simon was pivotal in the integration of technology within the business and was always a ‘guinea pig’ for agency software developers to test new elements of the programme, safe in the knowledge there was a reasonable understanding of the process and accurate reporting of both the process and its’ functionality. Something that still happens today!    

In 2003, Simon was invited to join the board of what is now known as The Entertainment Agents’ Association www.TEAA.uk and still remains there, whilst also serving as its’ President for the fixed 2 year term from 2011 to 2013.  TEAA is the Trade Association for entertainment agencies and has been in existence since 1927. Approaching its 100 year anniversary, the board of Directors have continually kept up to the date with government legislation and, amongst other things, devised legally approved documents for its members in order for them to trade legally and correctly.  

Simon states ‘ to be invited to join the board was a great surprise when I looked at who the board members were – some of the greatest minds and agency business principals in the UK. Now some 20 years later, the board is still represented by a broader selection of agency principals but no less formidable, all of whom now I can count among my industry friends ’

 As the industry evolves, with the knowledge and skillset Simon possesses, SQP Live is in the best hands to keep pace with the evolution and expand its’ resources for the greater good of the client, the artist and the product.

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